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Push service details

Sheikhha Vacuum Pump Company (Push)
With experienced staff in the vacuum industry, it is one of the few companies that have the ability to completely repair and renovate vacuum pumps and vacuum systems.
Push Services and Consumers :
Design and manufacture of vacuum systems according to customer needs
Up-to-date repair center with the ability to repair and overhaul various types of vacuum pumps
The quality of repairs is within the basic standards of the factory
Providing on-site repair services by experienced technicians

contact us :

phone : 02122274853 -  02122254084 - 02122274853

Fax :  02122922293

Address :

Central office : Tehran, Mirdamad Boulevard, Mother Square, Shah Nazari St., Second St., No. 39, second floor
Postal code : 1547936718
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