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Rotary oil vacuum pump 0250



With different suction and vacuum powers that can be used in all industries. The s5 series pumps are designed for continuous operation and this has been proven by installation in various industries

Environmentally safe

Due to the oil closed circuit system (inside the pump), air cooling, oil-air separation filters, has a completely clean exhaust air without oil and smoke. With very little vibration and noise during operation.

Easy service

With easy design and access to serviceable parts, there is no need for any service other than changing the oil and filters

In a trusted function

By safe design, high quality parts, direct coupling, electric motor to the pump and installation of one-way valve inside the suction flange, which prevents the return of air from inside the pump when the pump is turned off.

Peripherals that can be installed on the pump:

  • Plast gas
  • Input filters
  • Vacuum oil
  • Separating filters
  • Vacuum oil
  • Vacuum gauge

Uses :

Chemical and pharmaceutical:

  • filteration

  • Distillation

  • Steam

  • dry

  • Air pressure

  • transmission

Plastic industry:

  • Vacuum packaging
  • Transfer the resin in the mold

  • Creaming

  • plastic injection

Food industry:

  • Powder processing

  • Meat processing

  • Hospital and medicine:

  • Medical suction

  • Operating room suction

Wood Industry :

  • Closing work on woodworking machines
  • Battery industry:

  • Cell transfer

Oil and Gas :

  • Drying of oil pipes
  • Packaging Industry:
  • Thermoforming machines

  • Liquid packaging

  • Labeling product


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