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Horizontal storage tank

Central suction with horizontal storage tank

horizontal storage tank

The use of central suctions or vacuum boosters in hospitals and pharmaceutical industries and industrial uses according to the desired installation locations is both horizontal and vertical, which is produced in different volumes and according to the intended use as a Pumps, two pumps (duplex) and sometimes three pumps are used.

The central suction mechanism is generally such that the vacuum pump is placed on this tank and has the ability to adjust the pressure and is turned on and off by a double automatic switchboard at a specified time interval. And maintains the vacuum inside the chamber in a specified range, the word suction (SUCTION) means suction, absorption and suction


Horizontal storage tanks to capacity

25 cubic meters per hour

300 liters

40 cubic meters per hour

500 liters

36 cubic meters per hour

1000 liters

100 cubic meters per hour

1500 liters

160 cubic meters per hour

2000 liters

200 cubic meters per hour

250 cubic meters per hour

300 cubic meters per hour

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