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Dry vacuum pumps

What is a dry vacuum pump or a vacuum pump without oil?

Oil Less Vacuum Pump is a type of vacuum pump that does not require any fluid such as water or oil to create a vacuum. The vacuum range produced by single-stage oilless vacuum pumps and two-stage dry vacuum pumps varies from 1 to 10 mbar, and is mostly used in light industrial and laboratory applications that require the transfer of sensitive and corrosive vapors and gases. Used.

Types of dry vacuum pumps

• Rotary Vane Dry Vacuum Pump

• Vacuum pump without screw oil (Screw or screw)

• Claw dry vacuum pump (Claw or claw)

• Booster oil-free vacuum pump (Booster or Boom vacuum pump)

• Dry diaphragm vacuum pump

• Vacuum pump without scroll oil (Scroll or screw)

Oil-free vacuum pump design features

A distinctive feature of the dry vacuum pump is its ability to transfer corrosive gases and vapors. The absence of moisture in this type of pump prevents any corrosion in the oil-free vacuum pump.

Another feature of the dry vacuum pump is its durable body structure in various working conditions. In most cases, the body material of the vacuum pump without oil is made of iron. These dry vacuum pumps are not made of stainless steel or alloys due to the high heat generated by their performance.

The only fluid in the oil-free vacuum pump is the oil in the gearbox and gear tank, which is contained in a separate cycle of the vacuum chamber.

The dry vacuum pump is prone to very high temperatures during its operation and duty cycle, as there is no fluid to absorb the heat generated by the process.

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